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MCC appealed to save cricket

MCC appealed to save cricket

MCC appealed to save cricket: Cricket’s rule-making body said – T20 league is affecting small teams

MCC i.e. Meliribone Cricket Club, the body that makes the rules of cricket, appealed to the ICC to save cricket. The World Cricket Committee, the WCC wing of the MCC, said that international cricket is being affected due to the increase in the number of T20 leagues across the world. Apart from leagues, big teams like India, South Africa, England, and Australia play Tests among themselves. But, due to having different leagues throughout the year, smaller teams like Afghanistan, Ireland, and Zimbabwe are not getting a chance to play Test against big teams. Because of this, the inequality between the teams is increasing and ICC is facing difficulties in planning the tour.

What is MCC

The MCC makes the Laws of Cricket and also makes changes from time to time. The Marylebone Cricket Club came into existence in the year 1787 from today. Its headquarters is at Lord’s Ground in England. Before the arrival of ICC, cricket was played only on the rules of MCC. ICC still follows the rules of MCC. The MCC still makes the Laws of Cricket, but they go through the ICC.

meeting called in Dubai

MCC had called a meeting in Dubai. It was discussed in the meeting how international cricket can be saved. What will be the condition of international cricket in the coming 10 years between all the leagues that happen every year? Something has to be done to give priority to international cricket.

Financially sound – MCC

The MCC said that, money-wise, cricket has never been better at this point in time. But, now ICC countries should come together and utilize this money among all and help each other and work for the betterment of international cricket.

Getting the balance right in women’s cricket – MCC

MCC said that there is a good balance in women’s cricket at the moment. ICC is not facing any difficulty in making Women’s FTP i.e. tour program. But, even in women’s cricket, players are getting attracted to the league, which is a matter of concern.

MCC further said that, like men’s cricket in women’s cricket, income equality has now started coming. There is no worry of any kind in women’s cricket regarding money.

Test cricket is most important – Ganguly
Former India captain and WCC member Sourav Ganguly said that it is very important to strike a balance between franchise cricket and Test cricket. I still believe that Test is the biggest stage of cricket. That’s where you get great players and that’s why it’s called Test. It is a test of skill.

T20 league above country for 49% of players

According to the survey by FICA, an organization of international cricketers, 49% of cricketers said – they can also reject the country’s central contract to play franchise leagues like IPL, or BBL. If they get more money than their country in these leagues then they would prefer to play in the league.

Recently, New Zealand’s Trent Boult withdrew his name from the central contract, due to which he was not made a part of the team in the ODI and T20 series against India. Bolt’s teammate Martin Guptill was not selected due to poor form. After which he went to play foreign league. The effect of this mentality has been seen in other star players. Due to this sometimes the players and sometimes their country has suffered.