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Kohli had asked- Why are you getting into the controversy

Kohli had asked- Why are you getting into the controversy

Kohli had asked- Why are you getting into the controversy: Gambhir replied- You called my player i.e. abused my family

On May 1, Royal Challengers Bangalore defeated Lucknow Super Giants at Ekana, Lucknow. More than win-loss, Virat Kohli, Naveen-ul-Haq and Gautam Gambhir’s fight during the match is being talked about.

Kohli sledding showing the shoe and after that, the matter escalated. Gambhir and Kohli also had a long argument after the match. Till now it was not known what had happened between the two. The eyewitness present in the dugout of one of the two teams narrated the entire incident to the news agency PTI. He did not reveal the name.

He told that when Gambhir came after the dispute with Naveen, Kohli had asked him why are you entering into this matter. Gambhir replied – You spoke to my player means abused my family.

Following the controversy, Lucknow coach Gambhir and Virat were fined 100% of their match fees. Naveen was fined 50%.

An eyewitness told the incident – Gambhir took the mayor so that the matter did not get worse

The eyewitness said, “You must have seen on TV that Meyers and Kohli were walking near the boundary. Meyers was asking Virat why he was continuously abusing those people. On this, Virat asked the opposite question Meyers Why were you constantly staring at him? Earlier, Amit Mishra, who came to bat, had also complained to the umpire that Virat was constantly abusing Naveen-ul-Haq.

Seeing Virat and Meyers walking together, Gautam Gambhir felt that the matter should not get worse. He told Meyers not to talk to Virat. Virat also commented on Gautam Gambhir on this.

Gambhir said on this what are you saying, speak? Then Virat had said – I did not say anything to you. Why are you entering To this Gambhir replied – If you have spoken to my player, it means that you have abused my family.

Then Virat said – So you keep your family safe. In the end, Gambhir had said – so now you will teach me.