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Playing-11 will be able to choose after tossing in IPL

Playing-11 will be able to choose after tossing in IPL

Playing-11 will be able to choose after tossing in IPL: Penalty on the wrong movement of wicketkeeper or fielder, the batting team will get 5 runs

The new season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is starting on 31 March. This time some new rules are also being added in the season of 10 teams. Teams will now be able to choose to playing-11 after deciding whether to bat or bowl in the toss. After the toss, the teams will also have to name 4 impact players.

Apart from these, new rules have also been added along with changes in the rules in the 16th season of IPL. In the next story, we will understand these rules.

Captain will come with 2 playing-11

In the IPL match, the captains of both teams will now be able to bring 2 teams during the toss. After the toss, when they come to know whether batting or bowling has come first, then they will be able to select playing-11 accordingly. Earlier, for 15 seasons, teams used to bring the same playing-11 during the toss. Even after the toss, he had to play with the same team, but now it will not happen.

4 impact players also after the toss

The rule of new impact players is also being added in IPL this season. Both the teams will also have to name 4-4 impact players only after the toss. Out of these 4 impact players, the teams will be able to replace any one player during the match with the player included in the playing-11. During both innings in the match, the player will be able to replace the player using the impact player rule for 14 overs.

A team will be able to use the Impact Player only once during the entire match. If he wants, he can take replacement till 14 overs of the first innings or till the 14th over of the second innings.

Impact player will be able to bowl full 4 overs
Teams will also be able to replace a player who has batted or bowled in the match. The impact player will get the full four overs of his account to bowl. Also, he will be able to bat as many overs as are left in the innings. However, only a maximum of 10 wickets can fall for a team in an inning.

This rule came from SA20

The rules for releasing teams after the toss in IPL are similar to South Africa’s T20 league SA20. It was there that the rule of announcing the teams after the first toss was started. In that rule, the captains of both teams had to name 13 players before the toss and the captain could remove any 2 players when batting or bowling came immediately after the toss.

The effect of the toss has almost ended with this rule. Of the 33 matches in the tournament, 16 were won by the teams that lost the toss and 15 by the teams that won the toss. 2 matches remained inconclusive.

The toss effect will end in IPL too

In IPL also, this rule has been brought for the purpose of eliminating the effect of the toss. The last time in 2019, the IPL was held in the home and away format. Then out of 60 matches, 34 matches were won by the teams that won the toss. The teams that lost the toss won 23 matches, while the remaining matches went to a Super Over or were inconclusive due to rain or any other reason.

These changes also happened in the IPL condition

1. All the teams are given 75 minutes to complete 20 overs of the innings. If there is no over in this time, only 4 fielders instead of 5 will be able to stay outside the 30-yard circle for the number of overs remaining.

2. If the wicketkeeper or fielder moves wrongly during bowling, then that ball will be termed a dead ball. Along with this, a penalty of 5 runs will also be imposed on the fielding team. Wrong movement i.e. doing anything by the fielder at the time of bowling which distracts the attention of the batter or changing his fielding position before the fielder is bowled.

Actually, ICC made some changes in the playing condition of the T20 and ODI last year. Which were implemented from October 1, 2022. These rules started being used in international cricket. But these rules will be applicable for the first time in IPL.

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