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Virat-Gambhir clashed again on the field after 10 years

Virat-Gambhir clashed again on the field after 10 years

Virat-Gambhir clashed again on the field after 10 years: Kohli thumped his chest, and gestured; Quarrels with Naveen became serious for the second time.

Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir’s tussle was seen once again in the IPL match in Lucknow. Both came in front of each other. There was a heated argument for 5 minutes. The matter escalated so much that LSG captain KL Rahul and senior player Amit Mishra had to intervene. Even after this, Kohli and Gambhir looked angry with each other. Earlier in 2013 too, there was a heated debate between the two.

During the match, Virat also sledded Naveen-ul-Haq by showing his shoes. Following the controversy, LSG mentor Gautam Gambhir and former RCB captain Virat Kohli were fined 100% of their match fees for breaching the IPL Code of Conduct. LSG bowler Naveen-ul-Haq was also fined 50% of his match fee. Kohli and Naveen have accepted their mistake.

Kohli wrote – neither fact nor truth

Virat posted on Instagram after the match. This is seen as cleanliness. Wrote, ‘Whatever we hear are opinions, not facts. Everything we see is a point of view, not the truth.” Beneath it is the name of Marcus Aurelius.

Naveen wrote – You get what you deserve

After the match, Naveen ul-Haq also posted a story on Instagram. He wrote on his Instagram story- ‘You get what you deserve. This is how it should happen and this is how it happens. It is also believed to be related to that nok-joke.

3 moments that led to a fight

Virat thumped his chest in the fourth over, indicating: the Lucknow team was batting. It was the fourth over of the match. Krunal Pandya and Ayush Badoni were batting. On the third ball of Glenn Maxwell, Pandya hit a shot on long. On the other hand, Virat took the catch. Celebrating this, Virat thumped his chest looking towards the stands. After this, he indicated by placing a finger on his mouth. Gautam was watching all this sitting in the dugout.

Virat gestured to Naveen after the 16th over After the 16th over, Virat came running from behind the stumps and gestured something to Naveen. On this, Naveen ul-Haq also came close to him and an argument started between the two. Meanwhile, Virat also pointed toward his shoe and took out the mud from it. When the rest of the players tried to intervene, Kohli and Amit Mishra also got into an argument. RCB’s Dinesh Karthik and the umpire came and separated the two.

Naveen-Virat were shaking hands after the match: When the players of Lucknow and Bengaluru were shaking hands after the match, an argument started between Naveen-ul-Haq and Virat.

RCB players went away with Virat. Virat then started chatting with Lucknow all-rounder Kyle Mayers. Then Gambhir came and started taking Meyers with him. At the same time, Gambhir started saying something. Kohli replied. The argument escalated and both the players clashed. Umpire and seniors player Amit Mishra and Lucknow coaching staff member Vijay Dahiya intervened.

In Bengaluru, Gautam gestured to keep quiet by placing a finger on his mouth.

On 10 April, Lucknow Super Giants defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore at their home in the 15th match of this season. RCB had scored 212 runs at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium. Lucknow achieved the target on the last ball of the match. After this victory, Lucknow’s mentor Gautam Gambhir gestured towards the fans of RCB to keep quiet by putting a finger on his face.

Ten years ago i.e. after the match of the sixth season of IPL in 2013, there was a scuffle on the ground between the two players. Then Virat Kohli was still in RCB, while Gautam Gambhir was the captain of Kolkata Knight Riders.

Sometimes Gautam gave his man of the match to Virat

In the year 2009, Gautam Gambhir gave his man of the match to Virat. Actually, there was a match against Sri Lanka. Gautam scored an unbeaten 150 and was adjudged man of the match. In this match, Virat (107) scored the first century of his ODI career. Gambhir came forward during the award ceremony and handed over the award to Virat. In that match, Team India defeated Sri Lanka by seven wickets.